Alan Robles was a technologist, futurist, speaker, and designer who left this world on April 2, 2020. Alan was focused on how emerging technology can enhance natural interaction. He championed the idea that technology is an ingredient and not the whole recipe as he explored how new technologies will evolve the places we live in by making the context a contributing part of the way places are productive.


As the Vice President of Retail Design and Development for Samsung Electronics America, he lead the creation of the Samsung Experience centers. 

Prior to Samsung, Alan was Firmwide Creative Media Leader at Gensler, the world's largest architecture firm, where he was responsible for Digital Experience Design External Partnerships and New Technology Initiatives. He lead the firm's exploration of Augmented and Virtual Reality and related technologies (AI, IOT). 

This website is maintained by fans who were enchanted by the visions and future dreams that Alan spoke about and worked to make a part of our shared reality. 

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"We ADAPT to our changing environment by EVOLVING our practice to allow us to PIVOT instead of needing to change course completely.


You can’t stop change. The best you can hope to do is manage its effects on your reality. To do that you must be an active participant in change." - Alan Robles