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Diego Duarte

Unfortunately I just found out about one of my best friends passing. We worked together for so many years. He was always such a team player. After leaving the company where we both met, he moved on to amazing opportunities in San Diego. Even after his move we still remained in touch. He was an amazing friend. I’ll never forget our conversations about our families. He would always speak so loving about what he referred to, his nuggets. He was very excited about his new house and new beginnings. Prayers go out to him and his family. He was an amazing and very appreciated guy. Te voy extrañar mucho amigo. Pero estoy tranquilo porque estás descansado con dios.

Robyn Janz

Alan was still working for Gensler, and I worked for a partner at IMAX VR. Our conversations were brief at the beginning, and as we cross paths more and more we mutually opened up as colleagues do: family life, motorcycles, VR and the what ifs in the world.


Close to opening, the lot of us were doing our individual system checks and sign offs, and I happened to see Alan, so I walked over to say


"Hello!" and after a few minutes asked him, "So, what do you think?"


His response: "I hope the girls think it's cool."


Everything that ever mattered, it was in that one sentence, and for as long as I knew Alan, it was my favorite thing about him.

Mike McClard

Alan will be greatly missed! He was someone who you immediately knew was someone special. His presence could not be mistaken even if he only came into the office every now and again you knew when he arrived and I looked forward to it. Alan has and will continue to carry a lasting impression on my life. I wish him peace and the family strength in these tough times ahead but know we all walk together.

Maliaki Rodgers

I worked with Alan at Samsung and he always had a kind word and something funny to say at just the right moment. He was not only a innovative leader, but a thoughtful person who I will truly miss and will be remembered by many! My heart goes out to his family and I will keep each of you in my prayers. He will truly be missed by so many and his light will always shine in my heart as well as those he touched.

Brian Dyches

I met Alan in a professional capacity via the organization SEGD at a Chapter Event at the DTLA Gensler office. I was wowed by his presentation and said...someone in the AEC firm world finally gets the potential of AR & VR. I knew I had to meet him and became a fan of not only his work but as well for his insights on the 3D visualization world emerging in our profession. For that, I shall be forever grateful and inspired. I still use that video I shot that night when I need to hear an articulation of the process & potential. He was a visionary then and shall remain one now forever. Alan may you Rest In Peace!

Akira Nakano

I met Alan in 2015 at Gensler. He was just on the cusp of breaking through with VR/AR. He was so enthusiastic about what he was doing, and kind and generous. He took the time to share everything he was doing with me when he didn’t need to, as I was just an EA. He treated everyone as important and relevant. When I left G, he began his meteoric rise, but he always had time to stop and say hello and inquire about life. I loved that he became super relevant... and was pushing everything ahead. I loved when he left and saw the extreme success. He was the most gracious leader, mentor and person. If everyone could lead like Alan did, our world would be so much better. I will sorely miss you, my friend. Thank you for showing us how to do everything better.


Alan was one of the kindest humans I met while living in LA. Everyone seemed to be in such a hurry to be the best version of themselves and building their egos while walking around putting people down in the process. Alan NEVER did this. He had a huge heart and truly looked out for everyone he came into contact with. I will never forget how kind he was to me in a sea of people waiting for you to fail. I wish there were more people like Alan in corporate America. It would make the environment a lot better to be in.

Jill Johnson

Having only worked with Alan for a short time at Samsung, I truly value and appreciate 'who' he was and always will be. He consistently left me curious, challenged me to push for the 'possible' and encouraged me to keep pushing forward in all aspects of our business. To say he made an impression on myself and others would be an understatement and is truly missed. I will never forget the 1st time he talked about his daughters - face lit up and honestly...his eyes shined when he talked about his twin proud of them he was - you could truly see by his face how much loved them - without question. My thoughts and prayers go to Alans family and loved ones - today and in the days ahead. God Bless.

Doreen Schneider

Although I only knew Alan for a short time at Samsung, he left a lasting impression. He had such a vibrant soul and I was immediately impacted by his outlook on life and energy. I will always remember how we were singing at the top of our lungs to "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey at the NRM awards dance. Wishing his wife Monica and twin daughters lots of prayers and strength during this challenging time. I will miss you Alan!

Ken Sanders

“While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.“ - Steve Jobs


Alan was one of the crazy ones. I always looked forward to talking to him because I learned something every time. He was a brilliant man with a big heart, a loving father and husband, and an agent of change who worked hard to make the world a better place. We miss him! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Leah Ray

I remember when I first started hearing about Alan Robles when I worked at Gensler. His name just kept coming up when we on the PR team were looking for designers with big ideas. He was so enormously respected for his brilliance and also for the fact that he was one of those people that was always a pleasure to work with. He was a bright star who was admired, respected and beloved. How lucky we all were to have had the chance to know him.


I met Alan during my very first tour at Gensler. He introduced me to the tech department within the firm. I had small talks regarding how Architecture should be integrating more and more technology, and his position was definitively crucial for making that happen. As a student that transitioned into the profession Alan for me was a great example of technologist practicing architecture. Rest in peace Alan and congratulation for all your big achievements.